Oracle: IXD, Design, & Development

As an Oracle vendor, Receiver provides design services to Oracle’s Web Architecture and Brand & Creative teams, as well as technology consultation and web development.

We have partnered with Oracle to analyze information architecture for Oracle’s multiple website properties, including, Oracle Partner Networks and Oracle Open World, amongst other microsites.

Other projects for Oracle include interaction design for their Store, a Brand Guidelines Wiki system and design & development of website templates in Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Flash.

Oracle Icons

Oracle Store

Oracle Sitemap

Receiver helped Oracle catalog and chart the expanse of the website and produce Sitemaps. This helped us to analyze the current state of their website and describe and propose necessary structural changes. Much of the data shown in the sitemaps was automatically created from content we datamined from Oracle’s site using custom search tools and spreadsheet applications to track and identify previously uncharted web pages, assets and content which we then shared with the specific Oracle product and marketing content owners for discussion.

Oracle Content Guidelines